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Media Tycoon Rupert Murdoch To Block Google Access To Its Sites November 16, 2009

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News Corp., that is of the biggest and most widely acclaimed media empire has announced that, it will shortly be blocking Google Bots’ access to its websites, meaning that, websites run by News Corporation will no longer be indexed by Google. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of News Corp., has stated that, he believes Goggle might be doing more harm than good to the websites by diverting millions of users to thew sites and thereby increasing the website traffic.

Mr. Murdoch believes that, the websites would do a lot better if they are turned entirely into a paid subscription services, thus limiting the exclusivity of the sites to those who are truly interested in visiting the website for academic purposes. Some of the major publications run by News Corporation are, The Sun, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal etc. The results of the latest shift in Google’s importance is being seen as two fold by many experts.

The impact of the exclusion of Google indexing services from News Corp. websites could have dire effects on these sites, as even though there are dedicated paid users, yet like every website, such sites also heavily depend on advertising, a feature that Google has mastered in. An alternative to the current decision could be to segregate the paid and free sections of the websites, where excerpts can be shown in the free section and the paid sections can carry the entire article.

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