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Media server software capabilities charted for your easy reading August 17, 2009

Posted by hruf in Multimedia.
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Nearly every device sold these days is packing a network jack and whether TV, set-top box or game console many of them are capable of easily tapping into DLNA compatible servers, but which one is right for you? The folks over at tubeCore have gone to the trouble of trying each one out (PlayOn, PS3 Media Server, TVersity and other familiar names are on the list) and presented their impressions in easy to digest chart form. Sure you could investigate the specs on your own, but when it comes down to it, price, ease of use and media formats supported will be the key factors, and here you can quickly get an idea of them. So, which one are you using foor easy cross platform media streaming, or did you go a different route entirely?

via Media server software capabilities charted for your easy reading.


Music In The Cloud Comes To Your Desktop July 6, 2009

Posted by Matthias Kiefer in Internet & Communities, Multimedia.
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blueTunes, a streaming music site that lets you stream your music library from the cloud to any computer, is launching a new desktop app tonight that looks to make the service an even more compelling alternative to other online music sites and possibly even iTunes.

For those who aren’t familiar with the service, blueTunes lets you scan your hard drive for music files and upload them to the site’s servers, which you can then stream from wherever you are. This process would take a very long time (and quite a bit of bandwidth) were it not for a shortcut the site is employing: while you still have to prove that you own your music (the site uses a Java app to check through you music folders), the site only makes you upload songs that aren’t already in its database. In other words, unless you’ve got a really eclectic collection, you’ll be able to transfer your library to the cloud without having to move many files.


Another music site that also lets you stream your music library from the cloud is Lala, which we’ve been following pretty closely since the service’s relaunch last year. As with blueTunes, Lala only makes you upload songs that aren’t already in its library, and Lala also has the benefit of deals with all the major record labels, so it doesn’t have to worry about any potential legal troubles.

via blueTunes: Music In The Cloud Comes To Your Desktop.

Home Server vs. the Cloud: Connecting Digital Devices May 2, 2009

Posted by pannet in Internet & Communities, Multimedia.
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Consumers are increasingly dealing with digitized media — be it movies, TV shows, music, home videos or photographs. The question is, what will they use to store it all? Home-based servers or cloud-based services? Or will both of these concepts evolve into a new home/cloud hybrid?

  • The Media Server Concept: This scenario builds off a growing awareness among consumers that they need to protect the massive amount of personal media in the home. The media server addresses the immediate need for a backup solution and can adapt to future demands for a distribution solution as the amount of media grows in size and importance, and as households acquire more devices with network capabilities.
  • The Cloud Media Concept: This scenario comes out of the concepts of cloud computing and virtualized services. Here, consumer electronics devices retrieve premium content and application services from remote access networks. These services can include entertainment, communications and media from both closed networks (cable, satellite, IPTV) and the so-called over-the-top services riding on top of the open Internet. […]
  • Parks Associates predicts that in the home of the future, one method will not dominate the other — i.e., cloud media versus media server — but instead, an adaptive scenario will evolve, bringing in aspects of both systems, creating a completely new networking ecosystem for the home.


    DLNA and UPnP AV in the business March 16, 2009

    Posted by andre in Multimedia.
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    Very often, DLNA and UPnP AV are typically marketed as being for use in the home due to the reduced amount of configuration needed for devices that comply to these standards. But devices based on these standards can appeal to business use, especially to small “mum and dad” shops, community / religious organisations and other similar businesses who don’t have regular access to “big business” IT resources.

    via DLNA and UPnP AV in the business « Home Networking And IT Information And Discussion

    Ask Engadget HD: HTPC or HD media streamer? March 11, 2009

    Posted by hruf in Internet & Communities, Multimedia.
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    Just last week we threw out the question of which HD media streamer was simplest to use and operate, and this week we’re being met with a slightly different, although equally important inquiry. Thomas, the floor’s yours:

    “I’m really struggling with this one. Should I spring for a full blown HTPC to record OTA shows, play back Blu-ray Discs, etc., or should I save some dough and just get a nice HD media streamer while continuing to use my lackluster cable HD DVR to record TV content? Has anyone else made this decision and been happy or remorseful with the outcome? What are some really compelling reasons to buy an HTPC over just a streamer? Save my sanity!”

    via Ask Engadget HD: HTPC or HD media streamer?.

    Silicon Image launches LiquidHD February 17, 2009

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    Chasing after an elusive quarry, Silicon Image is launching a technology today to network electronics in the home. Dubbed LiquidHD, the technology is aimed at uniting different networking protocols so that it consumers can more easily bring together their computers, consumer electronics, portable devices, and Internet connections.

    via Silicon Image launches LiquidHD to network consumer electronics in the home » VentureBeat

    ReQuest delivers Hulu to media servers, Netflix coming soon February 15, 2009

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    Now available for download to ReQuest’s pricey whole-home media servers is a Hulu front-end that promises to be more TV friendly than the website itself. Usable via a standard IR remote users can click through Hulu’s content, fast forward and skip, or add shows to their queue, while video automatically goes full screen when it starts playing. YouTube support was already part of the deal, and a Netflix streaming app is on the way soon. Dollar for dollar wise it doesn’t compare to PlayOn, SageTV, boxee or Windows Media Center plugins but if you’ve already shelled out $2,500+ for a media server and all the fixings, easy access without the DIY flair is a sweet addition.

    via ReQuest delivers Hulu to media servers, Netflix coming soon – Engadget HD

    DoCoMo serves your DLNA content to a friend’s TV via mobile phone January 28, 2009

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    Eager to live in the fantastical future it has prophesied, NTT DoCoMo went to CEATEC and demoed an upcoming addition to its Pocket U service: MH2H (Mobile Home to Home), which gives you the ability use your cellphone to stream content from your computer at home to a friend’s TV. The phone connects to your friend’s WiFi network and sends his or her DLNA-compliant receiver the IP address of your also-DLNA-compliant server, then tells said server to accept the connection and start streaming any videos, songs, or photos you feel like sharing. When you leave, the connection ends and every one goes back to partying on their own isolated media islands like it’s 2006.