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Blu-ray/DVD flipper discs finally coming December 1, 2009

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Universal is set to roll out the first Blu-ray/DVD “flipper discs”–a single, dual-sided disc that contains Blu-ray on one side and DVD on the other. The “Bourne” trilogy (“Identity,” “Supremacy,” “Ultimatum”) will be the first movies to get the dual-sided treatment, with all three discs coming out on January 19.

The flipper discs are a good idea, as one of the biggest drawbacks to Blu-ray is that new movies you buy can’t be played in DVD players. That loss of flexibility can be a real pain in locations other than your home theater (car, plane, bedroom), where you probably haven’t upgraded to Blu-ray yet.

On the other hand, the flipper discs aren’t quite as attractive an option as the increasingly popular Blu-ray-DVD combo packages that include separate discs for both formats. Overall, Blu-ray-DVD combo packages offer more value–you do get two discs to take anywhere you like. The only advantage flipper discs might have is if they can drive down the price of the movies.

via Blu-ray/DVD flipper discs finally coming | Digital Media – CNET News.


Xoopit + Yahoo! Mail = Moving beyond that massive digital shoebox July 23, 2009

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Yahoo! has announced to acquire Xoopit.

If your email inbox is anything like mine, it’s turned into a “digital shoebox” over the years. It’s full of hundreds or maybe thousands of special photos that have been shared by close friends and family members, but they’re not organized in any particular way. I open them, occasionally print or forward them, and then move on to my mail, letting precious pictures become buried in the unlimited storage of my inbox.

Enter Xoopit, which Yahoo! signed an agreement to acquire today. Their name may sound familiar – they won our Open Hack Day last fall and we teamed with them in December to launch the “My Photos” app in Yahoo! Mail, which many of you are already using today. In fact, it’s the most popular third party app in Yahoo! Mail.
With the integration of Xoopit’s platform technology and capabilities, the task of sending photos via email will be as easy as it should be and sharing photo albums with friends and family members will also be a cinch. You’ll be able to share your pictures among a group of friends or family like never before – combining pictures from numerous sources into a single album for a private group to view. And soon your inbox will become an organized photo index as well. Just imagine having a tool that collects all the photos you’ve sent and received over the years into that scrapbook you’ve never had time to assemble.

In short, Xoopit will bring phenomenal photo organization, improved photo sharing, and the serendipity of discovering forgotten photos to Yahoo! Mail.

Why is this such a big deal? Yahoo! Mail is actually home to one of the largest online photo repositories in the world. And every day, millions of you use Yahoo! Mail as your primary way to share the photos of important moments in your lives. While social networks and community sites are great for sharing photos with everyone you know, we realize it’s not for everyone or every occasion. For many, email is still best for sharing photos among a more select group of friends or family. And now we’re making it all that much easier for you.

What does this i.e. mean for applications like Picasa, iPhoto etc.? How do you use photo in combination of media management and sharing? Makes it sense that such application are also import media items like photos from your preferred mail client (beside the question if it is an online or offline mail client)?

via Yodel Anecdotal » Blog Archive » Xoopit + Yahoo! Mail = Moving beyond that massive digital shoebox.

VLC: An Excellent Media Player (Finally) Turns 1.0.0 July 10, 2009

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There’s nothing worse than a video player that won’t play all of your video files. That’s why I’ve long been a fan of the free VLC media player: It plays back just about every kind of file you can throw at it. And, finally, several years after the first version was released, VLC media player is now available in version 1.0.0. If you’ve never used VLC, now is the time to start. […]

via VLC: An Excellent Media Player (Finally) Turns 1.0.0

What’s Next for Video Players: Chromeless, Plug-ins, Extensions March 3, 2009

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[…] Chromeless players: An increasing number of video hosts — YouTube, MetaCafe, Brightcove, Akamai, NBC, and CBS — are developing ways to make streams available without their branded players wrapped around them. These so-called “chromeless players” give outside developers access to the standard video controls, but with their own customized skin and additional features. Meanwhile, the original video host’s ads, analytics, and watermark stay intact with the content stream. […]

via What’s Next for Video Players: Chromeless, Plug-ins, Extensions « NewTeeVee.

mufin – Media player finds similar music by rhythm, tempo and instruments February 27, 2009

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Mufin stands for music finder, and it’s your personal music discovery engine for helping you find, listen to, and discover music online! Mufin has millions of tracks and counting ready for you to explore!

The difference from other music recommendation services is the use of a sound-based approach to create musical suggestions. The basis for this is the further development of musical fingerprinting technology created by the world-famous Fraunhofer Institute. But what does “sound-based” really mean?

Mufin knows around 40 individual musical properties like rhythm, tempo, and instruments for each of the songs stored in its database. When mufin claims that songs are similar to each other, this means that they have similar musical properties – leading to the songs sounding similar and enabling you to discover new music by sound. […]

via mufin – Tour – See how music discovery works with your music discovery engine

The Filter raises more money so it can recommend more content February 19, 2009

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[…] The Filter started out as a downloadable plugin for music players that recommended music based on your existing music library. Today, its web site presents a graphics-heavy interface that lets you search and sort for recommendations based on the genres of music and movies you’ve already identified (see screenshot). The company has also cut licensing deals with Nokia for the handset manufacturer’s music store, for Microsoft Music and for club/music brand Ministry of Sound. […]

via The Filter raises more money so it can recommend more content » VentureBeat