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Blu-ray/DVD flipper discs finally coming December 1, 2009

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Universal is set to roll out the first Blu-ray/DVD “flipper discs”–a single, dual-sided disc that contains Blu-ray on one side and DVD on the other. The “Bourne” trilogy (“Identity,” “Supremacy,” “Ultimatum”) will be the first movies to get the dual-sided treatment, with all three discs coming out on January 19.

The flipper discs are a good idea, as one of the biggest drawbacks to Blu-ray is that new movies you buy can’t be played in DVD players. That loss of flexibility can be a real pain in locations other than your home theater (car, plane, bedroom), where you probably haven’t upgraded to Blu-ray yet.

On the other hand, the flipper discs aren’t quite as attractive an option as the increasingly popular Blu-ray-DVD combo packages that include separate discs for both formats. Overall, Blu-ray-DVD combo packages offer more value–you do get two discs to take anywhere you like. The only advantage flipper discs might have is if they can drive down the price of the movies.

via Blu-ray/DVD flipper discs finally coming | Digital Media – CNET News.


Rovi hooks cars up to home media collection November 12, 2009

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A new ‘automotive solution’ has been announced which looks to bring all your home-entertainment needs to the humble car like never before.

Created by Rovi, provider of entertainment tech solutions, the company has come up with what it is calling Rovi’s Lasso. Essentially it’s a bundle of media recognition software that provides descriptive details on CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and digital files played in the car.

And not only that, the software can hook up to your home servers, “allows the transfer and sharing of digital content for enjoying on the go.”

The system uses DLNA / UPnP (which works with Windows 7 ‘Play To’) to sync the car to your AV setup. […]

via Rovi hooks cars up to home media collection | News | TechRadar UK

Best Buy embraces digital delivery of home video: Yahoo! Tech November 4, 2009

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Best Buy Co. is trying to nudge consumers away from its stores’ DVD aisles by making it easier for them to rent and buy movies over high-speed Internet connections.

The largest U.S. retailer of consumer electronics is setting up its digital delivery service in partnership with CinemaNow, which has deals with the major movie studios.

The software making it possible to shop CinemaNow’s video library will be included on all the Web-connected devices sold in Best Buy’s more than 1,000 U.S. stores. That means consumers who buy flat-panel TVs, Blu-ray players, personal computers and mobile phones from Best Buy would be able to get downloads of videos the same day they are released on DVDs.

The alliance marks the latest step away from the DVD format. Consumers are getting more ways of finding home entertainment with just a few clicks instead of traveling to a video rental store or waiting for a disc to be delivered through the mail.

Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and DVD-by-mail pioneer Netflix Inc. all have been winning over consumers with their own digital delivery systems. Blockbuster Inc. also has a deal with CinemaNow that lets people rent movies over the Internet.

Netflix gave an indication of the growing popularity of new video-delivery methods in its earnings report last month. It said that 42 percent of its subscribers streamed at least 15 minutes of video through its Internet-viewing service during the last quarter, up from 22 percent at the same time last year.

via Best Buy embraces digital delivery of home video by AP: Yahoo! Tech.

Streaming Media East: Verizon and boxee Want In To Your Living Room May 16, 2009

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Keynotes from Verizon and boxee pushed forward the concept of getting online video into the living room, though each company takes a radically different approach.   [HERE IS THE VERIZON PART:]

[…] Ambeault [of Verizon] went on to discuss an upcoming service, an enhancement to FiOS TV that he says will allow access to over 7 million pieces of content. To do so, Verizon understood the need to create an interactive media guide that would allow access to all this content, which in turn should drive an uptake in digital video recorders (DVR) and increase the amount of consumption of FiOS TV in the living room. […]

At its core, the upcoming interactive media guide will be driven by a search engine, which Ambeault calls “core navigation through a plethora of content: multimedia, music and other types of content, with a robust search engine that’s much closer to an internet search tool than previous interactive TV solutions.”  The content found through the guide would play back in a variety of players, including ones that mimic traditional TV, RSS feeds, and even web video players. “These media players also have access to plug ins and applications, such as a DVD emulator,” said Ambeault, “which makes on-demand content more like a DVD experience including rich menus and other DVD-like navigation.”

Ambeault also talked to the benefit of external APIs, one of which is a desktop application which can be used to pre-populate content to the TV for a customized experience. “Rather than having to cue up content on the TV with a remote control,” said Ambeault, “which only has a few navigation buttons, we’ve used a model that allows a customer to set up content ahead of time, from work or other location, using a desktop application. So when it comes time to watch the content, the customer just sits down and watches the content.”

“We are continuing our beta testing during the early commercialization stages,” said Ambeault, “which will add podcasts (video and other downloadable media) at early tester request, and we think that newer set-top boxes may mitigate need for PC bridging. We also think there is a potential for advertising, which was not part of the original model, and we are looking into adding Facebook and Twitter widgets, allowing social networks to power discovery of content that in turn will be viewed on FiOS TV.”


Bad News for Hollywood’s Bottom Line: DVD Rentals Doing Better Than DVD Sales March 3, 2009

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In last year’s fourth quarter, usually a big one for DVD sales, […] the studios’ revenue from sell-through of conventional DVDs and Blu-Ray discs fell 23.4 percent, to $2.6 billion from $3.4 billion. This drop of $800 million, Adams Research figures, shaved fully $500 million from the studios’ operating profit, because they have normally had a very high, 60 percent profit margin on sell-through revenue. […]

via Bad News for Hollywood’s Bottom Line: DVD Rentals Doing Better Than DVD Sales – Carpetbagger Blog – NYTimes.com

VUDU first on-demand service to sell HD and HDX movies February 24, 2009

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VUDU made some pretty big waves with its Blu-ray-rivaling HDX downloadable format, and now it’s pushing the envelope once again by becoming the first on-demand service to actually sell (as in, for keeps… on your box, anyway) HD and HDX movies. Starting today, all VUDU owners can browse a growing library of for-sale high-definition flicks, and it should be noted that both HD and HDX titles will sport the same price tags (between $13.99 and $23.99). Initially, only around 50 films will be available, all of which are from top independent studios. Magnolia Picture’s Man on Wire, which just so happened to take home an Oscar this year, is in that group of 50 along with FirstLook Studios’ Transsiberian and War, Inc.. Better still, VUDU intends to make future releases available for purchase day-and-date with the DVD release, and we can only hope that major studios get with the program and follow suit. Full release is after the break.

via VUDU first on-demand service to sell HD and HDX movies – Engadget HD

3D-Standard für DVD January 28, 2009

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Sensio 3D

Quelle: Sensio 3D

Das DVD Forum, ein Industriekonsortium, das Standards für das DVD-Format festlegt, hat sich auf eine 3D-Technik geeinigt: Sensio 3D heißt der Stereoskopie-Standard, der jetzt offiziell vom DVD Forum unterstützt wird. Der große Vorteil von Sensio 3D: Es läuft mit den meisten DVD-Playern, die Halbbild-Ausgabe (Interlaced) unterstützen. Die 3D-Inhalte lassen sich im Datenstrom einer konventionellen DVD (oder im Fernsehsignal) unterbringen. Erst beim Abspielen wird ein Sensio-3D-Decoder benötigt, der aus dem Signal je ein Bild für das rechte und für das linke Auge generiert. […]

heise online – 28.01.09 – 3D-Standard für DVD