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Rovi hooks cars up to home media collection November 12, 2009

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A new ‘automotive solution’ has been announced which looks to bring all your home-entertainment needs to the humble car like never before.

Created by Rovi, provider of entertainment tech solutions, the company has come up with what it is calling Rovi’s Lasso. Essentially it’s a bundle of media recognition software that provides descriptive details on CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and digital files played in the car.

And not only that, the software can hook up to your home servers, “allows the transfer and sharing of digital content for enjoying on the go.”

The system uses DLNA / UPnP (which works with Windows 7 ‘Play To’) to sync the car to your AV setup. […]

via Rovi hooks cars up to home media collection | News | TechRadar UK


Macrovision re-invents itself as Rovi, kicks off with new guide “Liquid” July 17, 2009

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Hold on to your hats folks because the company that we love to hate is turning over a new leaf by kicking off its old DRM shoes and leveraging its acquisition of Gemstar in a big way. What we mean is that this is the first time in the history of Macrovision that we can remember being excited about an announcement; and boy does it make perfect sense that it comes with a new company name. Rovi’s first consumer product should be available in various HDTVs next year, and among the new jazzed up looking guide you can expect a full DLNA client that is designed to be a single access point for all of your content. This includes internet sourced content like Slacker radio, YouTube XL, BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand, and CinemaNow; as well as anything you might have on your PC like pictures, music and even videos. Add in a little social networking from sites such as Flixster and we might have ourselves a new way to watch TV. No word yet on what new TVs will feature Liquid, but we’d expect to hear more at CES ’10. The full release is after the jump. […]

via Macrovision re-invents itself as Rovi, kicks off with new guide “Liquid”.

DLNA and UPnP AV in the business March 16, 2009

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Very often, DLNA and UPnP AV are typically marketed as being for use in the home due to the reduced amount of configuration needed for devices that comply to these standards. But devices based on these standards can appeal to business use, especially to small “mum and dad” shops, community / religious organisations and other similar businesses who don’t have regular access to “big business” IT resources.

via DLNA and UPnP AV in the business « Home Networking And IT Information And Discussion

Silicon Image launches LiquidHD February 17, 2009

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Chasing after an elusive quarry, Silicon Image is launching a technology today to network electronics in the home. Dubbed LiquidHD, the technology is aimed at uniting different networking protocols so that it consumers can more easily bring together their computers, consumer electronics, portable devices, and Internet connections.

via Silicon Image launches LiquidHD to network consumer electronics in the home » VentureBeat

Sony brings BRAVIA Engine 3, AppliCast on-screen widgets to HDTV lineup February 17, 2009

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Far be it for us to judge the decisions of a huge corporation and its marketing department, but Sony announcing a new line of BRAVIA HDTVs while the vast majority of the consumer electronics industry is intently focused on Barcelona and cellphones seems a bit peculiar. For those who need a break from MWC 2009 shenanigans, we’ve got 19 new hi-def havens here, spanning 6 different models: WE5, W5500, E5500, E5300, V5500, and S5500. Boasted features include BRAVIA Engine 3 with 100Hz Motionflow and Image Blur Reduction for smoother images, a widget-rich on-screen AppliCast that gives you basic internet-on-TV functionality, DLNA for streaming media from a computer, and Sony’s Xross Media Bar (XMB). Not every model here boasts all the new technology — you’ll have to invest in the V5500 (pictured, background) for the full experience. Sony boasts its 2009 LCD lineup is its “greenest ever,” with most models carrying the “EU Flower” eco-friendly label from the European Commission, and not to worry, even some of the most coveted sets here carry the green mark. Hit up the read link for full specs.

via Sony brings BRAVIA Engine 3, AppliCast on-screen widgets to HDTV lineup – Engadget HD

DoCoMo serves your DLNA content to a friend’s TV via mobile phone January 28, 2009

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Eager to live in the fantastical future it has prophesied, NTT DoCoMo went to CEATEC and demoed an upcoming addition to its Pocket U service: MH2H (Mobile Home to Home), which gives you the ability use your cellphone to stream content from your computer at home to a friend’s TV. The phone connects to your friend’s WiFi network and sends his or her DLNA-compliant receiver the IP address of your also-DLNA-compliant server, then tells said server to accept the connection and start streaming any videos, songs, or photos you feel like sharing. When you leave, the connection ends and every one goes back to partying on their own isolated media islands like it’s 2006.