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Healthcare Wants a Tablet, But Not Apple’s iPad | Survey Results February 6, 2010

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Last week, during the fever pitch surrounding the announcement of Apple’s iPad tablet, Software Advice surveyed 178 physicians, nurses, medical students and healthcare IT professionals about what the healthcare industry’s ideal tablet would look like. This isn’t our first time talking tablets and healthcare. In April of last year, we wondered if the Apple tablet would become the ideal device to run electronic health record (EMR) software.

Majority of Healthcare Professionals Are Likely to Buy a Tablet

What Healthcare Wants, the iPad Doesn’t Have

After reviewing dozens of tablets on the market, both consumer focused and healthcare focused, we came up with the above list of “must-have” features for healthcare tablets. We asked our survey respondents to check all of the features they felt were “must-have” features in a healthcare tablet device. […]

Read the full article over here: http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/medical/healthcare-wants-a-tablet-but-not-apples-ipad-survey-results-1020410

What are your thoughts on tablets in healthcare? Is the iPad the tablet healthcare workers have been waiting for? Or is it another tablet that just isn’t quite there yet for the healthcare industry in terms of functionality?



1. Tom Becker - February 13, 2010

Having family members in healthcare and healthcare management, it’s clear the current wall mounted cart mounted PCs are not increasing productivity as planned. I really think the iPad, as extensible as it will be, won’t be able to accommodate enterprise healthcare needs.

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