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IPTV news – All age groups now interested in constant connectivity December 7, 2009

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A new study commissioned by Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility unit has revealed a shift in consumer influence in the US that has not yet been fully recognised – namely, that age no longer dictates a consumer’s willingness or ability to use media technology or services.

The report, entitled ‘The 2009 Media Engagement Barometer’, finds that all generations – Millennials (80 percent), Gen Xers (78 percent) and Boomers (78 percent) – are equally likely to desire to be constantly connected.  The study adds that with all generations now immersed in entertainment technologies, industry watchers must look beyond age to predict influences.

There is found to be a two-way dialogue between consumers of all ages as they engage with technology products and share their experiences: the majority of Americans report influencing the decisions of their children (75 percent), friends (74 percent), colleagues (67 percent) and parents (58 percent).  Parents, grandparents and children alike are actively engaged in the technology sphere of influence, according to the report. Gen X and Boomer parents state that they are influencing their children’s technology habits even more than their Gen X and Millennial children influence their habits.

“The barometer findings have demonstrated how networking technologies have had a really powerful impact in integrating the different facets of people’s lives, and the ‘digital generation divide’ that we perceived to dictate technology is now shifting toward a usage-based definition,” said Dan Moloney, President of Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business.

“Service providers and technology companies are starting to deliver video, communications and information services more aggressively across multiple devices,” added Eduardo Conrado, Chief Marketing Officer for Motorola’s Broadband Mobility Solutions businesses.  “However, if the key to success for these new services is consumer acceptance, adoption and loyalty, then it’s critical we understand the consumer influence model – which has obviously shifted – and then also shift our development and marketing strategies to align with consumer influences and habits.”

via IPTV news – All age groups now interested in constant connectivity.



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