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Western Digital launches revamped WD TV media player for TV | VentureBeat October 13, 2009

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Storage company Western Digital has launched a new version of its WD TV media player that plays your slide shows and home videos on the television.wdtv

The WD TV Live HD Media Player is the second generation of the device that launched a year ago. It can play full high-definition videos with a resolution of 1080p. The appeal of this device is that it is easy to use because it takes the computing and home networking out of the equation.[…]

These types of devices, such as Seagate’s recently launch Home Theater, cater to consumers who are storing more and more data, often without backing it up. Consumers have an average of 123 gigabytes of video, photos and music stored, according to market researcher Parks Associates. That number will grow to 1.3 terabytes by 2013. Consumers also want to interact with their media seamlessly, without remembering arcane technical commands.

But most of their content is sitting on computers in the den and it’s not that easy to move it for viewing on the living room TV. The WD TV Live HD media player connects to a computer via a universal serial bus port. You can transfer content over the network to the TV, or you can use a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable to connect the device directly to the TV. The whole experience is meant to be seamless.

via Western Digital launches revamped WD TV media player for TV | VentureBeat.



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