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Geeks Try Google Wave, Have Mixed Feelings October 5, 2009

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Google Wave is one of the most-hyped new product launches in recent memory, but now that thousands of lucky people are getting to try it out – early reactions are mixed. If the hard-core geeks aren’t sure if they like it, that could spell serious trouble for mainstream adoption.

Robert Scoble, Steve Rubel and Louis Gray are three tech blogger geeks that love to use new tools and all got to test Google’s new real-time communication platform Wave today. It’s possible that when the rush is over the Wave experience will seem less overwhelming, but the kinds of initial reactions these three had aren’t good. […]

Scoble: “Google’s Wave will crash hard onto the beach of overhype.”

Ruble: “It is way cool. It is real time – where the world is going. But, for now, it does create more problems than it solves. Let’s see if Wave 2.0 fixes that.”

Gray: “Its nature offers an opportunity to further eliminate distance and improve information exchanges.”

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