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Study: 92% of 16-24 years old German like mobile advertisment September 29, 2009

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Berlin, Germany – September 28, 2009 – According to the preliminary findings of a new consumer research study of the German market, more than 90 percent of 16-24 year olds have a positive attitude towards mobile advertising if they are placed in control of how they are exposed to it. These results form part of ambitious and far-reaching primary research project, that has already taken place in the Netherlands and the U.K, with the goal of stimulating and inspiring the mobile advertising industry.

The initial findings also showed that compared to the U.K., Germany is definitely in an early adopter phase regarding mobile internet usage. In Germany, 19 percent of mobile users access the mobile internet once a month or more compared to 62 percent in the U.K. (11 percent once a week for Germany and 38 percent for the U.K.). This shows the clear growth potential in the market as uptake and usage of the mobile internet continues to increase.

The research project, which launches today and is spearheaded by Netherlands based consultancy firm ÆNEAS Strategy Consulting and Management, will expertly document the state of the mobile advertising industry in Germany, provide insights into different perspectives throughout the entire mobile ecosystem and identify growth opportunities in the emerging mobile advertising marketplace. The clear aim is to benefit and inspire stakeholders, shareholders and users worldwide about the added value of mobile in the media mix.

“Following our success in the Netherlands and the U.K., we are ready to rumble, and roll this out across Europe and the U.S., starting with Germany and later France and the Czech Republic. We are pleased to be working with Camerjam to host an event January 14th 2010, strengthening us in our mission to make advertising mobile.” Says Managing Director of ÆNEAS STRATEGY Tarik Fawzi.

via Studie: 92% der 16-24 jährigen Deutschen stehen mobiler Werbung positiv gegenüber | mobile zeitgeist.



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