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PhotoScatter app uploads your pics to everywhere August 12, 2009

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Why doesn’t the iPhone automatically upload photos to every social network you belong to? It does, if you install PhotoScatter, which launched Monday.

This simple but effective app does one thing: It uploads your photos to your accounts on all the social networks you’ve configured it for. The current version supports Facebook, Twitter (via Twitpic), Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly and Picasa. You can pick and choose sites, but the idea is to reduce the number of steps required to push your photos onto the Internet, not increase them.

I’m still waiting to hear back from PhotoScatter developer Ryan Wade, so I’ll update if he answers these questions:

– Does PhotoScatter take advantage of iPhone 3.0 technology and how?

– How is PhotoScatter getting paid, Wade?

– What’s to stop Apple from building PhotoScatter’s functionality into the next version of the iPhone OS, thus putting PhotoScatter out of business?

– Why applications there is also not an extension, which automatically sends this photo to a printing service?

– Why not adding additional connections to your PC over your WLAN and put your pics in your desktop photo library application (like iPhoto) without connecting it via USB?

– Are the user willing to pay 1,59€ for such an app?

via PhotoScatter app uploads your pics to everywhere | VentureBeat.



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