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Guzzle.it: A Personalized News Dashboard for Any & All Topics You Love July 19, 2009

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Another day, another way to find, sort, and digest the firehose of online content. Right?

This time, we bring you something very exciting. Guzzle.it is one of the cleanest, coolest, most intuitive, most customizable news dashboards we’ve seen. It’s lightning fast to set up and makes finding and reading news and blog posts that are hyper-relevant very easy, indeed. It reminds us of a more personalized Alltop or one of the nifty, custom-built dashboards a tech journalist might have. Best of all, it allows for multiple fields of interest and creative layouts. Guzzle.it just might change how you read the Internet. […]

For example, I decided to sign up for news on tech, design, and rock & roll. I dragged, dropped, and renamed the topics and separators until I had the page layout that I thought would suit me best.

The initial page design I got was scannable, legible, digestible. Within seconds, I’d found out that Robert Plant was knighted, a whole bunch of really great fonts were available free on one website, and a post I wrote about startups was topping the charts for articles on entrepreneurs.

Awesome so far, no? But it gets even better.

via Guzzle.it: A Personalized News Dashboard for Any & All Topics You Love – ReadWriteStart.



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