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Collaborative Networks vs Social Networks | Collaboration 2.0 | ZDNet.com July 6, 2009

Posted by pannet in Enterprise 2.0.

[…] Many enterprise vendors are now adding components such as wikis, blogs, social profiles, tagging and so on as ‘features’, but…

This approach to software development does not work. The resulting application suites are monolithic, inflexible, not extensible, expensive to scale and are invariably difficult, if not impossible, to integrate with other enterprise technologies. This class of software forces business users to adopt the myopic social visions imagined by the developers, which are nearly identical to their corresponding consumer web implementations. In short, social software is not solving business problems. […]

…information fabric is a federation of content from the multiplicity of data and application silos utilized on a daily basis; such as, ERP, CRM, file servers, email, databases, web-services infrastructures, etc. When you make this information fabric easy to edit between groups of individuals in a dynamic, secure, governed and real-time manner, it creates a Collaborative Network.

This is very different from social networks or social software, which is focused entirely on enabling conversations. Collaborative Networks are focused on groups accessing and organizing data into actionable formats that enable decision making, collaboration and reuse. Collaborative Networks will increasingly be critically important to business and organizations by helping to establish a culture of innovation and by delivering operational excellence. […]


The author does not shed much light on what exactly a collaborative network should look like but an interesting read.
via Collaborative Networks vs Social Networks | Collaboration 2.0 | ZDNet.com.



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