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Everyblock’s Code is Open-Sourced July 2, 2009

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The code for Adrian Holovaty’s Everyblock has been released. The open-sourcing of the site’s system were apart of the Knight News Challenge Program. Everyblock is a very impressive site that aggregates and geocodes local data — news, crime, fire, restaraunt inspections and reviews – and then lets users define their interests down to the block-level.

Adrian made the announcement on 6/30. Here’s the list of newly open-sourced, GPL’d goodies found on Everyblock’s new Code page:

The main package (probably the thing you’re looking for) is the publishing system, known as ebpub.
Second, the packages ebdata and ebgeo contain Python modules for processing data and making maps.
Third, the packages ebinternal and everyblock round out the code that powers EveryBlock.com. They’re internal tools and are likely not of general use, but we’re including them to be complete.
Finally, ebblog and ebwiki are our blog and wiki software, respectively. Because, dammit, the world needs another Django-powered blogging tool.

Django fans, Python geohackers and anyone who wants to build a local data aggregator are going to be thrilled.

via Everyblock’s Code is Open-Sourced – O’Reilly Radar.



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