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AACS Finalizes Managed Copy for Blu-ray Discs – How do you think about it? July 1, 2009

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AACS Finalizes Managed Copy for Blu-ray Discs

The AACS licensing authority has finalized specs that would let consumers make legit copies of Blu-ray content…but it’ll require all-new hardware.

The Advanced Access Content System License Authority—AACSLA—has posted finalized specifications for the digital rights management system to be used on Blu-ray discs…and the final spec allows for so-called “managed copies,” whereby consumers will be able to make a pre-determined number of copies of content on Blu-ray media for personal use—although the number of copies is determined by the studios, and the copy is still protected with AACS or Microsoft DRM.

How do you think about it? Will it work and used by everyone of us?

via AACS Finalizes Managed Copy for Blu-ray Discs – Home Video News – Digital Trends.



1. Stefano - July 2, 2009

I personally think that it’s a good thing. In my personal opinion, it’s a feature of the Final AACS spec, that will definitely be used by consumers. I personally would have no problems with paying for a high quality copy of a blu-ray I own, instead of paying for software that allows to crack the disc. If the procedure to ultimately get the copy is user friendly, easy and does not give the user the impression that they are being controlled and most importantly if the prize is right, I really think that users will well accept it. There are already Discs such as The Dark Knight, which include vouchers to get copies of th movie but the user experience in order to finally get it, needs improvement in my opinion. The prize will be the neck breaker here, if one will have to pay too much, it’s not gonna happen but if the studios keep the costs for the user to a couple of bucks, it certainly is going to happen.


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