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Quantifying the Mobile Apps Revolution June 6, 2009

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As Apple prepares for its Worldwide Developers Conference next week, where it will lay out how it plans to maintain its lead in the simmering battle of smartphone platforms, there is some interesting new data about the use of applications on mobile devices.

Gravity Tank, a Chicago-based creative consulting firm, surveyed over a thousand iPhone and Android G1 users in April and May. Through research firms, the firm contacted people with smartphones who had agreed to participate in such surveys.

The results from the study, called “Apps Get Real,” show the different ways in which these programs are changing the way people use their phones, spend their time and organize their lives.

Among some of the findings from the report:

  • respondents have downloaded an average of 23.6 apps
  • 6.8 apps were used every day
  • 48 percent of phone owners shopping for apps more than once a week
  • 49 percent of phone owners using apps more than 30 minutes a day
  • 32 percent said they used portable gaming devices less because of their app-enabled phones
  • 31 percent read newspapers less because of there phone
  • 28 percent use GPS devices less because of there phone
  • 28 percent use their MP3 players less because of there phone
  • 24 percent ware watching less television because of there phone

“With apps, the phone has really become a kind of digital Swiss Army knife that people are using in all sorts of new ways,”

said Michael Winnick, Gravity Tank’s managing director.

But what is the primary driver of phone-buying behavior:

  • 74 percent said the devices allowed them to check their e-mail and calendar
  • 74 percent said it allowed them to consolidate multiple devices into a single devices
  • Only 67 percent cited the availability of new games and applications
  • same amount that cited better screens

But despite Apple’s relentless advertising of its App Store, it seems that the availability of applications is not the primary driver of phone-buying behavior.

via Quantifying the Mobile Apps Revolution – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com.



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