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Home Server vs. the Cloud: Connecting Digital Devices May 2, 2009

Posted by pannet in Internet & Communities, Multimedia.
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Consumers are increasingly dealing with digitized media — be it movies, TV shows, music, home videos or photographs. The question is, what will they use to store it all? Home-based servers or cloud-based services? Or will both of these concepts evolve into a new home/cloud hybrid?

  • The Media Server Concept: This scenario builds off a growing awareness among consumers that they need to protect the massive amount of personal media in the home. The media server addresses the immediate need for a backup solution and can adapt to future demands for a distribution solution as the amount of media grows in size and importance, and as households acquire more devices with network capabilities.
  • The Cloud Media Concept: This scenario comes out of the concepts of cloud computing and virtualized services. Here, consumer electronics devices retrieve premium content and application services from remote access networks. These services can include entertainment, communications and media from both closed networks (cable, satellite, IPTV) and the so-called over-the-top services riding on top of the open Internet. […]
  • Parks Associates predicts that in the home of the future, one method will not dominate the other — i.e., cloud media versus media server — but instead, an adaptive scenario will evolve, bringing in aspects of both systems, creating a completely new networking ecosystem for the home.




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