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How to bring your iPhone App out of the door? Try OpenFeint April 18, 2009

Posted by hruf in Mobile & Gadgets.
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Gaming has proven to have huge appeal on the iPhone. Because of that, there are a thousands of games in the App Store — which is great for consumers, but it can also be overwhelming. And it can be frustrating for developers who can see their work easily lost in the sea of apps. The iPhone social platform OpenFeint is trying to alleviate some of those problems. And it has rallied some big indie iPhone game developers to the cause. […]

But why are these app integrating OpenFeint? Well, the developers see it as a way not only to add a social layer to their apps — users get profile pages, Facebook-like walls for others to write on, the ability to chat in games and more — but, the platform now includes a new feature dubbed “One Touch iPromote,” which gives users a simple way to find and buy other OpenFeint-supported games their friends are playing. OpenFeint users can invite other users into “lobbies,” where everyone can see what everyone else is playing. A user can then decide to play the same game or click on the link to buy it. […]

via Indie iPhone App Developers Rallying Around OpenFeint.



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