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Boxee – you are now free to be entertained January 31, 2009

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Boxee is a free cross-platform media center and entertainment hub with social networking features that is a fork of the open source XBMC media center software. Marketed as the first ever “Social Media Center”, Boxee enables its users to view, rate and recommend content to their friends through many social networking features. Boxee is still under development and is currently only available as Alpha releases for Mac OS X (Leopard and Tiger), Apple TV, and Linux for computers with Intel processors, with the first Alpha made available on the 16th of June 2008. A Microsoft Windows Alpha version of Boxee was released in January 2009, but is currently available only by private invitation.

boxee: the open, connected, social media center for mac os x and linux


Apple vs. Palm: the in-depth analysis January 29, 2009

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Apple and Palm kicked a lot of dirt at each other last week — acting Apple CEO Tim Cook flatly told analysts that “We will not stand for people ripping off our IP” when asked specifically about competition like the Palm Pre, and Palm responded with a similarly-explicit “We have the tools necessary to defend ourselves.” At issue, of course, is that the Pre employs a multitouch screen and gestures almost exactly like those made famous on the iPhone — and if you’ll recall, Steve Jobs introduced multitouch on the iPhone with a slide reading “Patented!” To top it all off, the past few days have seen a number of media outlets proclaim that Apple’s been awarded a “multitouch patent” without so much as a shred of analysis, instead hyping up a supposed future conflict. That’s just not how we play it, so we enlisted Mathew Gavronski, a patent attorney in the Chicago office of Michael Best & Friedrich, to help us clear up some of the confusion and misinformation that’s out there — read on for more.

Apple vs. Palm: the in-depth analysis – Engadget

3D-Standard für DVD January 28, 2009

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Sensio 3D

Quelle: Sensio 3D

Das DVD Forum, ein Industriekonsortium, das Standards für das DVD-Format festlegt, hat sich auf eine 3D-Technik geeinigt: Sensio 3D heißt der Stereoskopie-Standard, der jetzt offiziell vom DVD Forum unterstützt wird. Der große Vorteil von Sensio 3D: Es läuft mit den meisten DVD-Playern, die Halbbild-Ausgabe (Interlaced) unterstützen. Die 3D-Inhalte lassen sich im Datenstrom einer konventionellen DVD (oder im Fernsehsignal) unterbringen. Erst beim Abspielen wird ein Sensio-3D-Decoder benötigt, der aus dem Signal je ein Bild für das rechte und für das linke Auge generiert. […]

heise online – 28.01.09 – 3D-Standard für DVD

DoCoMo serves your DLNA content to a friend’s TV via mobile phone January 28, 2009

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Eager to live in the fantastical future it has prophesied, NTT DoCoMo went to CEATEC and demoed an upcoming addition to its Pocket U service: MH2H (Mobile Home to Home), which gives you the ability use your cellphone to stream content from your computer at home to a friend’s TV. The phone connects to your friend’s WiFi network and sends his or her DLNA-compliant receiver the IP address of your also-DLNA-compliant server, then tells said server to accept the connection and start streaming any videos, songs, or photos you feel like sharing. When you leave, the connection ends and every one goes back to partying on their own isolated media islands like it’s 2006.